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Our Wines can be found in several retail outlets, listed below are some locations we proudly distribute to.

Abingdon: Ma & Pa Liquors Auburn: Sugar Creek Augusta: Rhodes Market Beardstown: River Towne Blandinsville: Minute Stop Burlington: Hy-Vee Camp Point: Korner Kwik Stop Carthage: Lake Hill Winery, Ayerco, Casey’s, County Market Dallas City: Casey’s Fort Madison: Hy-Vee Galesburg: Vintages Tasting Room, Hy-Vee (2) Hamilton: Pat’s Pit Stop Jacksonville: Top Shelf Liquors Keokuk: Hy-Vee, Keokuk Spirits La Harpe: R & D Foods, Casey’s Macomb: Hy-Vee, County Market, The Wine Sellers, Jackson St. Market, Liquor & Tobacco Point, West Pierce Liquors Monmouth: County Market, Market Alley Wines Mt. Sterling: IGA Oquawka: Fisher’s Food Center Quincy: County Market (2), Hy-Vee (3), Harvest Market, Wine On Broadway Rushville: County Market Springfield: Party House, Schnuck’s Stronghurst: Fisher’s Food Center Taylorville: First Class Liquors Tennessee: Tennessee Tap Versailles: Fast Stop Warsaw: Casey’s

For any questions regarding available wines in your surrounding area please call your local retailer for details.

Wine Stories

Black Hawk Wine Bottle

Black Hawk

Black Hawk was a famous leader and warrior of the Sauk American Indian Tribe. His fame came from leading war parties and the “Black Hawk War of 1832” which was named after him. Black Hawk is one of the most famous Native Americans and has several local ties. His first documented fight against US forces was at the newly constructed Fort Madison in Iowa. His chief rival in his tribe was Keokuk, who Keokuk, Iowa, was named after. Black Hawk died in 1838, in Southeast Iowa.

Black Hawk Wine Bottle


Illinois is one of the top 5 states for pork production and is continually growing through businesses like Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. and Professional Swine Management, LLC. Dedicated to helping farmers ensure the health and quality of their animals, these businesses put Carthage on the map as home to one of the top 10 pork powerhouses in the Midwest. So pull up to the bar, and drink like a hog! Cause’ this ain’t your ordinary hogwash!

Black Hawk Wine Bottle


Horselick was the original name of a town in Northeast Hancock County. In 1835, the name was changed to Fountain Green because of a free-flowing spring at the edge of town. This area was known as Lincoln country because of the Mordecai Lincoln family which had located there. Mordecai Lincoln was an uncle of the future president, Abraham Lincoln. Many of the Lincolns are buried in a cemetery just East of Fountain Green, known as the Lincoln Cemetery.

Black Hawk Wine Bottle

Vishnu Springs

Hidden down a long country road remains the ghost town of Vishnu Springs. Located along the Lamoine River, lies a once sought after community containing a spring said to have supernatural healing powers. Thousands have traveled from afar to drink the spring water in hopes that their aliments would be cured. The Capital Hotel was constructed to house the travelers, and is the only establishment that remains today. It is rumored that those that were not cured by the water died in the hotel, and still live there today.

Black Hawk Wine Bottle

Lincoln's Noose

In the history of Hancock County, there has only been one legal hanging. This was Efram Fraim, who had been convicted of murder. He was defended by a roaming country attorney, named Abraham Lincoln. An appeal was made but proved unsuccessful. Because Carthage had no jail at the time, Fraim was housed in the courthouse next to the local school. During this time, he became friends with many of the school children. On the day he was hung, most of the town, including the school children, showed up to watch the epic event.

Black Hawk Wine Bottle

Bear Creek Blush

Just Southwest of Carthage lies Bear Creek Township. Basco, Illinois once known as “Somerset” is the only village in the township. Gabriel Marlot who lived near Bear Creek was well known throughout the state for the grapes grown in his vineyard. Gabriel won 1st Place at the 17th Annual Illinois State Fair in 1869 for “Best Two Bottles of Catawba” and “Best Two Bottles of Concord”. Our Bear Creek Blush is a delightful combination of these two varietals and are grown right here in our vineyard! Cheers, Gabriel!


We are so excited to introduce our new wine Feelin' Peachy!

New bottle of Feelin' Peachy wine from Lake Hill Winery

Wine of the Month!

This Month's wine is Feelin' Peachy!

The wine of the month is Feelin' Peachy from Lake Hill Winery

What's the Buzz about?

If you haven't tried this amazing mead yet get out here now and try this delicious drink!

Bottle of Big Buzz Craft Meadery Apple Cinnamon flavored Sweet Mead Learn More