Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of events can you host at Lake Hill Winery?

Almost anything! We have had bookings in our barrel room for showers, corporate parties, seminars, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, celebration of life parties, graduation parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, class reunions, and more. The larger Banquet Hall has been booked for weddings, receptions, business parties, movie showings, proms, formals, fundraisers, business meetings, and more. We also can host outdoor weddings and other outdoor entertainment as needed. If you want to have a function of almost any size or configuration, Lake Hill Winery can likely make it happen.

Do you use grapes or juice to make your wine?

The majority of our wines come from grapes grown right here in Hancock County. We do have to get juice from time to time because we cannot always get the varieties of grapes that we need. Our vineyard should be productive by 2014, so we hope to be able to use only locally grown grapes by then.

Do you serve drinks besides wine there?

Yes, we have a good selection of bottled beer, capability to serve draft beer, and a good selection of liquor. While we manufacture and promote wine sales and consumption, we also understand that everyone has different tastes, and we want everyone to be able to have a good time at Lake Hill Winery.

Why did you use such unusual names for some of you wines?

We wanted to tie some stories and unique area history to our wines, so we chose names accordingly. Each named wine has a story on the back that explains the name of the wine.

Do you serve food?

As of opening day, we only serve cheese, cracker, and summer sausage plates. We are working on our kitchen and will serve a lunch and dinner menu in the future.

What made you decide to do this in Carthage, IL?

We chose Carthage because we love Hancock County and have lived in multiple towns within the county. We wanted to use the winery to provide the opportunity for people to stay in the county and have events. We also wanted to give non-Hancock County residence a reason to explore the area. Because Carthage is centrally located and has great interstate access, we couldn’t have picked a better spot to showcase our winery.

How many guests can be accommodated?

Our large Banquet Hall can accommodate up to 400 guests with room to spare. The smaller Barrel Room, which is located upstairs, can accommodate up to 120 guests. We also have a large tasting room which seats up to 60 people. Our outdoor facility is beautiful and encompasses a deck the entire length of the building. This allows enough seating for 80 + people. This deck overlooks a large hill, where our name originates. On this hill is where we host our outdoor wedding ceremonies and several other events. We can fit hundreds on the spacious lawn.

What is the basic fee and what does that include? Is there a price break for days other than the weekends?

We would be happy to assist you with pricing. We just need to know what room you are interested in, as well as the time frame you are looking at. Please call for information: (217) 357-2675.

Is there a weather contingency plan for outdoor weddings?

We do not have an offsite facility that we are affiliated with incase the weather does not cooperate. However, we do have several other options we would be more than happy to discuss with you regarding a contingency plan.

Do you provide in-house catering?

We do have an in-house caterer; however, you are more than welcome to hire your own caterer as you see fit. If you would like to speak to the caterer here at the winery, please email all inquiries to ATTN: Julie Sonneborn.

Are all areas of the property able to be used for photography?

The day of your event, you are allowed to use any part of the facility for photographs. From the spacious vineyard in the front, to the beautiful lake view backdrop, Lake Hill Winery’s scenery is hard to beat.

Can minors attend?

Minors are allowed to attend events here at the winery, as long as it is not previously stated a 21 and older show. We do offer soda at the bar and are able to make some normal “cocktail” drinks non-alcoholic. We encourage families to come out and enjoy the venue all together.

How late can events go?

Our liquor license ends at 1:00 am. Therefore, we ask that most events or receptions start to end by 12:30 am, so that we can still serve for a little while until things are packed up.

Can I have a live band?

YES, live bands are welcome!

Can I have a cash bar?

We do not have any set bar packages; however, we do offer a full bar including Lake Hill wine, beer, and liquor. The following gives you many options that you can do with your event bar: complete cash bar, an open bar, an open cocktail hour, and even hosted kegs or wine. This may be discussed further with the event coordinator.

Do you do custom wine labels?

One really cool thing we do here is offer custom wine labeling for your event! Please contact Lake Hill Winery for more information if you are interested in your own custom wine label.

Do you offer seasonal discounts?

Yes, please contact the event coordinator.

Is there a cake-cutting fee?

We do not have a cake cutting fee here at the winery; however, some caterers may charge for this. That may be discussed with the caterer of your choice.